So entwickelt sich Flyo weiter - Update #116 🤩

So entwickelt sich Flyo weiter - Update #116 🤩

Bist du neugierig, was es bei Flyo Neues gibt – und was sich geändert hat? Dann bist du hier genau richtig. Angezeigt werden jeweils die letzten 5 Updates. Den gesamten Changelog findest du hier.

Update #116 (21.11.2022)

  • [app] Promote users to upload an Avatar.
  • [app] Better visibility between generic team user detail and my profile.
  • [app] Fixed issue where scheduled items were not visible in the dashboard timetable widget.
  • [app] Fixed deadlink on entity not found page.
  • [api] Improved permission behavior when users are allowed to toggle visibility of an item but are not allowed to edit.
  • [api] In certain circumstances the pool is displayed as favorized in the overview but not in the detail, this has been resolved.
  • [api] Fixed bug where secure code was sent to users which have 2fa via OTP enabled.
  • [api] Display only latest buzzes on dashboard.
  • [api] Current price plan calculation is faster due to the use of monthly metrics instead of counting each metric in this range.
  • [nitro] Added og image to all entity details.
  • [nitro] Separate preview and production caching for domains.

Update #115 (14.11.2022)

  • [app] Curated content pools have a visual hint on the delete button if there is scheduled removal for that particular item.
  • [app] Added a new administration area for organisation owners. It's now possible to edit organisation data.
  • [app] New security option to force 2fa login for all organisation users. If 2fa is not enabled via OTP, an email with a security code will be sent.
  • [app] Removed border radius from diagrams.
  • [app] Increased the number of pools to select from when creating an automated pool with a relation to another pool.
  • [api] Fixed a bug where the SDK openapi file was not purged from cache storage.
  • [api] Added unique_id to list of pois when collecting event dates.
  • [api] Bug where metric pixel throws an error if requested content type is invalid.
  • [api] Shopfy sync can now handle option labels, even when multiple options are defined.
  • [nitro] Added missing opening hours extra text to poi detail.
  • [nitro] Added http caching for all dynamic pages and entity views.
  • [nitro] Make the event extra text more prominent by adding bold font weight.
  • [nitro] Hide main menu if there are no navigation items.

Update #114 (07.11.2022)

  • [app] Small UI improvements regarding files type.
  • [app] Fixed bug where embed script was loading twice.
  • [app] Reset errors when creating or updating entity items successfully.
  • [app] New user badge for dashboard and lazy loading certain information cards.
  • [app] Nitro integration page manager added new controls to manage nested pages.
  • [app] Added preview for file suggestions when searching for files to insert them into the stream afterwards.
  • [app] Better visible and improved validation errors when creating a new field for an entity.
  • [app] Display the user digest and 2fa state in the list of team members.
  • [api] Improved options sync for shopify.
  • [api] When shopify integration is deactivated, the cleanup sync will remove all products which have been created by flyo.
  • [api] Improved metrics system performance.
  • [api] Truncated results for search for better search result pages.
  • [api] Added new expiration date for reset tokens.
  • [api] Unify password strength validation rule to have a platform wide rule.
  • [nitro] POI is open badge is now evaluated with javascript in order to fully load from cache.
  • [nitro] Added permanently closed badge in POI detail if configured as permanently closed.

Update #113 (31.10.2022)

  • [app] It's possible to delete nitro entity mapping schemas.
  • [app] Improved loading behavior for social media page.
  • [app] Started with a presets gallery as a start point or idea when creating a new entity.
  • [app] File, Image, Files and Images field types have a small design overhaul to be more consistent.
  • [app] New option to define redirects for nitro sites.
  • [app] Added option to define a favicon image for nitro sites.
  • [nitro] Calendar block has a new mapping field "badge" which can be used for location names or categories.
  • [nitro] Improved calendar block date format for mobile devices.
  • [nitro] It's possible to search for pages instead of just entities. Search is also performed in teasers and not just titles.
  • [api] Improved validation for twitter social posts, the length will now be correctly calculated based on different circumstances and a validation error is thrown when submitting. This should reduce errors while posting on twitter.
  • [api] Improved social post error messages for linkedin.
  • [api] Possible shopify problems are now better detected by validation logic, this will report an integration error which is better to understand.
  • [api] Improved error messages when creating or updating entity content.
  • [api] Fixed a bug where entity log does not store the title of the newly created item.

Update #112 (24.10.2022)

  • [app] Improved handling when assigning roles and pools for team members. Also fixed a bug where the is manager states where not disabling pool selection until the page has been reloaded.
  • [app] Added a new field for sigangeos which can be used to assign a value and sort afterwards (Sortierreihenfolge).
  • [app] Improve responsive views of modals, file manager and integration mapping.
  • [app] File and Image input field does now directly insert the selection instead of additionally clicking the "use selection" button.
  • [app] Redesign various modals to use the new unified modal header, ensuring the click button is always at the same location.
  • [app] Entity fields unique identifier is now a slug field.
  • [app] Alphabetical sorting for checkboxlist, radios and dropdown values.
  • [app] Redesign of entity fields configurator.
  • [app] Fixed bug where pool planning modal could not be closed.
  • [api] Improve tags handling for shopify.
  • [storage] Filters defined with 600x0 containing the value 0 are now interpreted as null. This means the example would be evaluated as 600xnull.
  • [nitro] New ics download option for events.
  • [nitro] Remove empty css classes from content, this can be used when only subclasses are the target.
  • [connect] New GDPR handling for incoming shopify hooks when a shop redact is requested.

Update #111 (18.10.2022)

  • [app] Fixed issue when mentioning people in buzzes.
  • [app] Unify confirm delete dialogs.
  • [app] New option for map integration to set a color for pins which are in multiple groups.
  • [app] Disabled the option to modify entity fields when they have complex value logic. Only allow scalar values to change after creating.
  • [app] Improved entity preview modal windows.
  • [app] Fixed bug where entity field values are stored twice when the field has been added to an existing entity.
  • [nitro] Smaller font sizes for titles in entity details.
  • [map] Allow pins to be in multiple groups.
  • [api] Fixed issue where new created entity field values were stored twice.
  • [api] Added integrity notification checks for field type link which could be an emailor url (file and tel types are not observed).
  • [api] Track sync process for shopify and mailjet email as integration requests.
  • [api] URL integrity process does now additionally analyze status 0 response with internal error codes Invalid URL, Could not resolve Host and Could not Connect. This will generate more status notification entries but they are more accurate on what was going wrong.
  • [api] Fixed a bug when using proposal mode on entity rows.
  • [api] Improved shopify sync process, outdated products are now deleted and the input is less error prone.
  • [api] Shopify errors are now parsed and are shown in the UI. This makes it easier to debug problems with product sync.