August 2023

So entwickelt sich Flyo weiter - Update #161 🤩

So entwickelt sich Flyo weiter - Update #161 🤩

Bist du neugierig, was es bei Flyo Neues gibt – und was sich geändert hat? Dann bist du hier genau richtig. Angezeigt werden jeweils die letzten 5 Updates. Den gesamten Changelog findest du hier.

Update #161 (10.11.2023)

  • [app] Multiple views have undergone enhancements for mobile devices to optimize usability on various screen sizes.

  • [app] The curated content pool cleanup list now displays the date when each item was added to the content pool, providing additional context (applies only to newer items).

  • [app] Introducing a new entity preview hover card, strategically placed in various contexts. Over time, this feature will become available in more locations, offering valuable insights into entities, especially within lists.

  • [app] Resolved a bug where dashboard items failed to route to the correct corresponding content pool and the selection button was unavailable on the generic entities view.

  • [app] Enhancements include the addition of a count to the curated content pool scheduled items tab, offering a quick and direct way to assess whether tasks are planned.

  • [app] Implemented pagination for the connection items tab, providing a more organized and user-friendly experience.

  • [app] Slightly refined the activity detail information for multiple input-type fields.

  • [api] Augmented the curated content pool system by adding more time and author information, enhancing control over user actions and contributions.

  • [api] Improved the performance of the queue save behavior, resulting in a more responsive and efficient system.

  • [api] In situations where your organization has exhausted its resources (no credits left), all asynchronous jobs will no longer process further.

  • [payment] Completed a substantial internal overhaul of the payment system, now enabling the purchase of prepaid credits.

Update #160 (03.11.2023)

  • [app] When creating automated content pools, the checkbox field type field is now prominently displayed as a status toggler. This enhancement makes it easier for users to configure and manage automated content pools, providing a more intuitive and streamlined experience.

  • [app] Entity items can now be easily trashed from the right side of the entity detail panel, eliminating the need for a delete panel beneath the edit panel. This change simplifies the process of managing entity items, reducing clutter in the user interface and improving overall usability. Trashed items will be deleted after 90 days.

  • [app] You now have the option to select and move multiple items in both grid and list views to the recycle bin. This feature is especially useful for users dealing with large volumes of data, allowing them to efficiently clean up and organize their content.

  • [app] The new content pool beta view has officially transitioned out of beta status and is now enabled by default for all users, with no option to revert. Furthermore, there are noteworthy enhancements related to loading state information and performance improvements. This marks a significant milestone in the development of the content pool feature, as it is now accessible to all users, ensuring they benefit from the latest improvements in terms of performance and user experience.

  • [app] An issue has been resolved where Nitro blocks with slots failed to emit slot data when placed on an existing site, particularly when a slot was added later to the block. This fix ensures that Nitro blocks function as intended, making it more convenient for users to work with dynamic content and slots.

  • [app] Further improvements have been made to date and datetime inputs to enhance user experience and ensure correct timezone handling for the organization. Date and time-related operations are critical in various applications, and these enhancements ensure data consistency and user satisfaction.

  • [app] Users can now conveniently sort values for multiple input type fields.

  • [app] Dark mode enhancements have been made in the file manager, WYSIWYG editor, and multiple input type fields, enhancing the user experience. Dark mode is increasingly popular among users, and these improvements provide a visually appealing and comfortable interface for those who prefer this mode.

  • [app] A bug in Nitro content pool mapping configuration related to sorting and limiting has been fixed. Users can now assign new values without the need to remove the block and start over. This fix eliminates a frustrating limitation and allows users to make changes without unnecessary workarounds.

  • [api] When processing date-time fields for log or export outputs, missing time information is now included in the output. This ensures that data outputs are complete and accurate, benefiting users who rely on these outputs for various purposes, such as reporting and analysis.

  • [api] An issue related to filtering boolean values in the API SDK has been resolved. The API now correctly interprets boolean input values like true, True, or TRUE as boolean true, enabling filtering for such field types. This fix simplifies data filtering processes and ensures consistency in handling boolean values.

  • [api] Organizations can now store timezone information, ensuring that all date-related data is handled according to the specified timezone, regardless of the client's browser settings.

  • [api] Small performance improvements have been implemented in the queue data processing for increased efficiency. These improvements result in faster data processing, reducing latency and enhancing the overall performance of data-related operations.

  • [api] The daily/weekly user digest now provides information about soon-to-be-deleted trashed items, enhancing user awareness. Users can stay informed about upcoming deletions, allowing them to take necessary actions or make informed decisions regarding their data.

  • [Venue] An issue related to i18n entity fields has been successfully resolved. Internationalization (i18n) is crucial for organizations with a diverse user base, and this fix ensures that entity fields are displayed and function correctly in various languages and locales, enhancing the user experience and accessibility.

Update #159 (27.10.2023)

  • [app] A Nitro block is now capable of handling containers, items, and content/configs simultaneously. This means it's possible to create a single block that can hold content pool items while also providing a slot for nested block content. This feature was not available in the previous version of the application, making it much more versatile for managing and organizing content.

  • [app] Slugs are typically used to represent persistent identifiers in the system, ensuring consistent and recognizable URLs or references. To highlight the importance of maintaining the integrity of these slugs, we've introduced a "lock" icon next to the slug input field. This enhancement is aimed at making users more aware that items designated with locks should not be altered without careful consideration, especially in terms of potential impacts on other aspects like search engine optimization.

  • [app] We've made improvements to the activity detail view, specifically for changes in opening hours. The updated view now presents a more readable table of the days of the week along with their corresponding opening and closing times, making it easier for users to understand and manage scheduling changes.

  • [app] We've fixed a bug that was causing deleted relation data to remain invisible but still get sent as part of the payload to the server, resulting in validation errors. This issue could occur when an entity had been deleted but was still listed in the select dropdown. The application now ensures that non-existent data is removed from the selection options, preventing such issues.

  • [app] Entity mapping with customizable label values is now limited to slugable values only. This restriction is in place to ensure consistency and predictability also for developer interpreting the data.

  • [api] In situations where the same content pool was used within the Nitro framework but with different sorting and limiting definitions, some rows were not being properly indexed. We've resolved this issue to ensure that all relevant data is correctly indexed, improving the performance and reliability of data retrieval.

  • [venue] The "Copy Entity" button in the list view is only accessible to users who have the privilege to create new entries as well. This restriction ensures that only authorized users can duplicate entities, maintaining data integrity and access control within the system.

Update #158 (20.10.2023)

  • [app] The preview frame for Nitro and Web Builder has been significantly improved to enhance the user experience, especially on smaller screens. This enhancement ensures that users can work seamlessly, irrespective of the device they are using.

  • [app] The "Buzzes" card in the dashboard now features a convenient button that allows you to display a modal window containing all the buzzes. This functionality is especially useful for staying up-to-date with discussions that may have moved beyond the scope of the latest buzzes. It ensures that you won't miss out on any important conversations within your community.

  • [app] The dark mode toggler in the footer is now accessible on mobile screens as well. This makes it easier for users to switch between light and dark modes on their mobile devices, providing a more versatile and visually appealing experience.

  • [api] The sorting situation with mapping has undergone significant changes. Now, you can select all fields from a specific entity, rather than being limited to choose from the mapping fields. This advancement not only provides more flexibility but also results in a notable reduction in build time for larger content pools that rely on sorting and limiting. With this change, the previous method of selecting available mapping fields for sorting has been deprecated. It's important to note that existing mappings that utilize sorting will need to be reconfigured to take full advantage of these improvements.

  • [api] We have taken steps to enhance the security of the system by explicitly allowing only certain HTML tags in buzz comments. This measure ensures that the platform remains secure and minimizes the risk of malicious code or unauthorized tags being included in user-generated content.

  • [api] In our ongoing efforts to improve the integration process with Shopify, we've added the option to map product slugs. This means that during the product creation and update process, you can now include the slug if it's mapped. If left empty, Shopify will automatically generate a slug for the product. This enhancement streamlines the product management process and provides more control over how product URLs are generated.

Update #157 (13.10.2023)

  • [app] The main navigation can now be toggled if you need more space for certain tasks. This enhanced feature allows users to collapse the navigation, giving them additional screen real estate for their work. The information is stored in the local storage of the browser, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

  • [app] To enhance user experience, we have implemented a mechanism to prevent failing file uploads from showing up in the error report window. This means that unsuccessful uploads will no longer clutter your workspace with error notifications, providing a cleaner and more organized environment.

  • [app] We've made the Nitro block hint even more user-friendly by relocating it to the bottom of the block. Additionally, the info title is now prominently displayed for better visibility and easier access, making your interactions with the application more intuitive.

  • [app] We've fine-tuned the hover state of user cards and other hover overlay dialogs. As a result, these dialogs will now remain open for a longer duration, even when you move your cursor away. This improvement ensures that you have more time to interact with and explore the content within these dialogs.

  • [app] The content pool detail view has received an exciting upgrade with the introduction of a new sidebar view featuring accordions. You now have the flexibility to completely hide the sidebar, allowing you to make the most of your screen space as needed. This customizable experience adapts to your workflow preferences.

  • [api] Our signageos applet sync process has been enhanced to automatically detect outdated devices and remove the applet accordingly. When you deselect a device and save, the device applet will be seamlessly removed, making way for the addition of another applet, streamlining the process and ensuring device management is hassle-free.

  • [api] We've improved the error response when something goes wrong with the recaptcha login process. Users will now receive a more accurate and informative message from the API, making it easier to understand and address any login issues that may arise.

  • [api] We've increased the number of rows returned when searching for entity rows, enhancing your ability to access and manage data efficiently, especially when dealing with larger datasets which have similar names.

  • [api] We've implemented robust error handling mechanisms when working with Mailjet synchronizations, ensuring that any potential issues are managed effectively.

  • [api] A new mapping filter is now available, allowing you to effortlessly transform newlines into HTML <br> tags. This feature is particularly useful when working with textarea fields and you'd like newlines to be returned as HTML line breaks, enhancing the formatting of your content.

Update #156 (29.09.2023)

  • [app] More dark mode improvements.

  • [app] WYSIWYG editor: Improved linking options for email, tel, and when in Nitro context, for internal page links.

  • [app] Prevent Nitro modals from being closed with Esc; therefore, those modals must be closed with the dedicated close button.

  • [app] Nitro globals option now allows setting non-mapping data. This can be useful for certain "static" content inside the layout but still have the option to update those values from the headless Nitro window.

  • [app] The list of blocks in Nitro and WebBuilder can now have a customized info message. This message is only visible in the admin area and can help distinguish between blocks or explain things to other users.

  • [app] Implemented the new pricing plan in the accounting dashboard.

  • [api] Improved performance for the entity comment (buzzes) endpoint.

  • [payment] Added new price plans to the payment section.

Update #155 (22.09.2023)

  • [app] Focusboards now offer a fresh feature that allows users to establish a personalized title, rather than relying on the integration or content pool title.

  • [app] Enhanced the WYSIWYG new link insert modal, simplifying the process of linking files, phone numbers, websites, and emails.

  • [app] Introduced several new icons to the icon chooser dropdown for improved icon selection.

  • [app] Further refined dark mode for an enhanced user experience.

  • [app] Included time interface information in the cross-check list view for accurate data comparison.

  • [app] Extended time interface information integration across Flyo for better functionality (list view, grid view, etc.).

  • [api] Enhanced the sorting of data in the beta content pool tree view, providing more organized results.

  • [api] Resolved the issue related to file uploads (PDFs, Docs), eliminating the "processing" status from the queue.

  • [api] Reorganized the Crosscheck list, now sorted by the timestamp of the last update.

  • [api] Removed fixed entity "event" information from the SDK.

  • [api] Expanded SDK documentation to include detailed instructions on correctly sending date and datetime information. Additionally, added more example data for various data types.

  • [venue] If a time interface is available, the start and end time information is now visible in the data list view, providing users with valuable insights.

  • [infra] Moved metric and integration requests to a separate queue worker for optimized performance.

Update #154 (15.09.2023)

  • [app] You can now switch between dark and light modes. Please note that this dark mode option is still in its early stages and won't activate automatically if your operating system is in dark mode. We'll enable this feature once we've resolved all the bugs.

  • [app] Removed unnecessary padding in the TreeView on the Flyo dashboard graph.

  • [app] We've ensured that all limit and sorting options are reset when you select another content pool in the Nitro integration.

  • [app] The Entity Row in the curated content pool connection tab now provides comprehensive information about entities and platforms. We've also added red and green colors to indicate which items have been added, making it clearer.

  • [app] We've improved the beta content pool tree view to work with fixed entities such as jobs, immos, files, and users.

  • [app] The Avatarify letter function now uses characters from two words. For example, "Foo Bar" will be represented as "FB" instead of "FO".

  • [app] The statistics platform filter will now reset to include all platforms when no platform has been chosen.

  • [api] Nitro now takes changes in meta information into account when generating new checksums. This means that modifying meta data will require the recreation of the page in the background process.

  • [api] We've fixed a situation where, under certain circumstances, Nitro couldn't fulfill detail requests for entities in different pools due to the removal of rows from the index.

  • [api] The content pool cleanup suggestion list now considers whether a pool is used as a dependency for another pool. Consequently, it won't appear in the cleanup pools list.

  • [api] Search API results in the Flyo app now include time or teaser information from the given entity. This makes it easier to select the correct entity when dealing with items that share the same name but have different time information.

  • [api] We've resolved a bug where items created by the SDK didn't display the entity log title correctly.

  • [api] There's no longer a limit of 20 items for blog media.